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Letter from the manager of MCM-AMB agency

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INFORMATION MCM-AMB AGENCY - Classical and Unlimited Membership

femme russeLetter from the manager of MCM-AMB agency

Dear friend,

I am very happy that you are interested in Eastern and Central Europe, and among them - POLAND, country where I come from and which is very important to me.

You wish to meet a person from these countries to create a harmonious and a strong family, and that is a great favor for me. That's why I will be happy to do my best to help you that your wishes become reality.

In this document you will find the whole information about our agency MCM-AMB. You will learn how to become a member and what is necessary to do to find the woman of your life in Russia, Poland, Ukraine or any other country.

With my agency MCM-AMB you have all the real chances to meet soon the woman who will become your soul mate and your best partner for the life - a woman from Poland or Eastern Europe (Russian, Belarussian, Ukrainian, Romanian, Lithuanian, Latvian, etc).

A beautiful woman, soft and devoted, very attached to the values morals and traditional, faithful, simple, easy to live with, but also ambitious, active, knowing her own qualites and wishing to find her second half - a man appreciating the family values, responsible, caring, independent, who will love her and make her happy and whom she will love and make happy too, and together they'll be able to create with a strong and harmonious family.

Please read all the information about our agency and then I'm inviting you to become a member.

I will be very happy to help you.



P.S. If you have friends, relatives, etc who would be also interested to meet a woman from Poland, Russia... to create a happy family, do not hesitate to communicate them our address or our telephone so that they too, they can profit from our assistance!

Presentation of MCM-AMB marriage agency

MCM-AMB is an international dating and marriage matchmaking agency created by Agnieszka Martineau-Kosobucka, a woman from Poland who is married to a French man since 1995 and who lives in France.

Her exemple proves to you that in our world there is no border for those whose destiny is to live together.

Our objective is to help the men from all the countries of the world to find the right person for a longterm relationship between our women members from other countries (mostly so said Eastern and Central Europe - Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Bielorussia, Romania, etc... but also from other countries, like France, Germany, Cuba, USA, Canada - some of Polish or Russian women live already here).

If you really want to meet somebody in the objective to marry, to create a family, you are at the good place.

Our office has a great knowledge of Poland and all Eastern Europe and has an important file of women who are serious and who wish to find the right man for a lifelong relationship.

All these women and young women ask us to help them to meet serious me, for a serious relationship based on sincerity, complicity and the love.

We are already well-known in Poland and Russia, as an honest and serious agency that respect all the members, men and women. We are also the oldest and the biggest Polish marriage agency in France where our Polish women members can find the most efficient help and advice.

We have a very great number of women, it gives you a great choice to you.

We wish you to find among them the rare pearl which will become the woman of your life.

With our assistance, you have a great chance to meet the person who is your destiny.

Who can become a member?

Of course each person wishing to meet somebody for a longterm relationship is invited to become member of MCM-AMB, however it is necessary to be 18 years old minimum and to be free of any matrimonial engagement (single never married, divorced or widowed, people who are in the processus of divorce may also be accepted).

Types of membership and prices

We propose 2 types of membership : Classical and Unlimited

Classical Membership

6 months for 1500 euros - UNLIMITED contacts !

12 months for 2500 euros - UNLIMITED contacts !

You benefit from UNLIMITED number of contacts and free translations.

Basic Membership

6 months membership for 890 euros
(the possibility to contact up to 4 ladies per month, totally up to 24 ladies during 6 months)

12 months membership for 1450 euros
(the possibility to contact up to 4 ladies per month, totally up to 48 ladies during 12 months)

How to become a member?

You decide to become a member of MCM-AMB agency.

The step is following: you fill the membership application form and you validate your membership by the payment.

- by Internet (simple and fast solution!)
- or ask the paper form by e-mail and that we will send to you by the Post office and you send us back this document with your photograph and the payment corresponding to the selected membership.
Your membership begins the day of your signature of the file and is really effective after time of reflection of 7 days (legal time).

As soon as your membership application file and your payment are registered, you become member of MCM-AMB.
We study your file and of course those of our women members in order to choose women who correspond to your profile and your wishes.
Obviously, we retain only the women or young women having expressed the wish to meet a man such as you.

The ladies may be of course chosen by you, if you prefer.

As soon as possible, we send you a document of confirmation of your membership (in particular containing the dates of beginning and end of membership and its amount payed) and we put you in relation with the first women.

These women are then contacted by letter because it is the best way to present yourself and your motivations and projects.

If you wish, the first letter can be sent by us.

You can also send a letter of introduction written by our agency in English, French or Polish. This letter provided with your first selection shows all the information carried on your file of membership and constitutes an excellent introduction to the women.

Then, you continue your correspondence by letters or e-mail and at the same time, you begin to prepare your first meeting.

Most of the time our members phone each other after the exchange of one or more letters, that makes the communication faster.

Then they meet in the country of the man or in the country of the woman according to what they prefer.

The women are happy to make the travel and travel easily. Important: the women from Russia, Ukraine, etc. mostly need visa and the travel is too expensive for them, so it is better and much easier to go to see them in their country. The women from European Community (Poland, Czech Republic, etc.) don't need visa to travel in Europe and rather often can pay their travel but may also prefer that the first meeting is in their country. The men who decide to travel will surely appreciate the hospitality of people in Poland, Central and the Eastern European countries.

It is you and you correspondent(s) who decide about the rhythm of your correspondences and your meeting.

Generally, after a successful meeting when the man and the woman like each other, understand each other well and agree to live together, the woman comes to live to the country of the man, very quickly learns the language of the country (if she does not know it already).
Then, they live a harmonious life. Because indeed the Polish women and of the East adapt perfectly to the various ways of life.

To note: during the correspondence, you can be in contact with a few correspondents then you can choose one which you like more particularly and to decide to meet her. You can also make several meetings in order to be certain to choose the woman with whom you really wish to make your life.

We have remarked, that very often the first meeting had place 1 or 2 months after the beginning of the inscription, which is very fast.


In addition, if you accept it, your description can be communicated free to our agencies partners in Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Bielorussia, etc. and to women who could be interested by you and who ask us to receive profiles of men (besides your selections). That gives you even more chances.

We all the time assist you in your research and your correspondence (translation, councils, assistance to write your letters, etc.) and we help you to organize your meeting (or your meetings) in your country or in the country of your correspondent(s).

In which language to communicate?

The majority of our adherent speak another language that their mother tongue: Generally English, French, or German. Others know Italian, Spanish, Russian, Norwegian, Swedish etc. The communication is thus very easy. Moreover, they are very gifted for the training of French and the foreign languages in general. However, we place at your disposal a translation service in 3 languages (Polish, French and in English). He is free throughout all your adhesion. Consequently, if you have letters to translate, do not hesitate with us to send them. We translate them as quickly as it is possible for us.

Possibility of a prolongation of membership.

If at the end of your membership you did not meet the person of your dreams, your contract can be renewed, on your request, and with very advantageous conditions for you. Because indeed, we wish to lead you towards success and we are ready to help you by all the ways possible.

Membership to the MCM-AMB agency guarantees you many advantages:

Your guarantee! A cordial and warm reception with professional advising and a personalized help.

Your guarantee! A great number of proposals fofor meetings.

Your guarantee! A very important and updated regularly file of women .

Your guarantee! A very great choice of countries:
- women from Poland (our agency is the oldest and the biggest agency in France that works with POLAND - no visa to travel)!
- women from other countries that are new members of the European Union - no visa to travel ( Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Czech Republic)!
- RUSSIAN women, Ukrainian women, ROMANIAN women, as well as women from Bielorussia, Moldavia, etc)!
- Women of Central Asia (often Asian type).
- Women of other countries: Germany, Switzerland, China, Norway, etc (often Polish and Russian women living in these countries, but not exclusively).

Your guarantee! A very good knowledge of the Eastern European countries.

Your guarantee! Women and serious young women, very attached to the traditional values and wishing stable and durable unions.

Your guarantee! A personalized help including particularly a free translation service in English, French and in Polish (very important!), during the time of all your membership, as well as a help for the organization of your meetings!

Your guarantee! Several types of membership - you choose the one that is the most adapted for you.

Your guarantee! The membership prices are not high if you compare to the service that we offer you.

Your guarantee! The motivation of our women members and our seriousness are the best guarantees of a real results.

Your guarantee! Important: All our members agree to change the country to live with the future man of their life!


© MCM-AMB France